ONE is a quarterly online subscription magazine bringing the good news of awakening from around the world.  Featured are deeply personal accounts of non-dual realization and newsworthy events that exemplify and celebrate our true nature as one.  The mission of ONE is to inspire lives, awaken hearts, and encourage the recognition of the one precious gift shared by all life: the indivisible, omnipresent, eternal ground of Being.  Some call this essence God. Some call it Truth.  In these pages, we honor it as ONE.

ONE embraces all cultures and spiritual traditions in an openhearted celebration of that which binds us all, the supreme power of love as shared through the human heart.

India_2013Greetings from Shanti, founder and editor of ONE.  My greatest desire is to serve the deepening realization of true peace and happiness within myself and for all beings.  The depth of that desire has now given rise to ONE.  What a sacred privilege it is to publish this magazine!  May the pages of ONE be an inspiration and refuge for all who visit.  May it be a sacred vessel, a gathering place, a portal for awakening hearts across the globe.

Thank you for being a part of ONE!

—Shanti Einolander

The intent of ONE is to honor and celebrate with one another this precious human existence in which consciousness has the capacity to reveal itself to itself, in its essence, within our minds and hearts.

“Awakening” can have different meanings to different people and is often spoken about in different contexts.  Whether it is simply the compassionate recognition that the suffering of another is not separate from our own; or a momentary glimpse that we are infinitely more vast than the mind-body-ego we’ve been conditioned to believe ourselves to be; or a  liberation that leaves no lasting identification as a separate individual—all of it is pointing to the same truth: Who we are, each one of us, is the totality of being, and this totality is none other than love itself.  All of the above is welcome in these pages.

ONE is in Need of Donations for Sustainability and Growth!

After eight beautiful Issues of ONE, subscriptions are not yet covering the cost of production.  The inner guidance, however, remains clear and passionate about continuing with this creative endeavor.  How lucky to be swept away in love and devotion to a creative project that serves global awakening!

As it is now, every aspect of the magazine—from editorial, to design, to social networking and marketing—is currently being accomplished by a staff of one.  In the meantime, I continue to work as a full time caregiver and book editor to cover my living expenses.  Money is also paid out each issue for certain aspects of website and design.  What grace if more of my time and energy could be freed up and poured into the magazine.  How incredible it would be to have some money to pay a part-time marketing person, so that awareness of the magazine's existence could continue to grow and content and artistry continue to evolve.  Also very much needed are the funds to purchase software that would enable the magazine to be formatted for Ipad and tablet devices.

If you are a lover of Truth, if you have received inspiration and deepening through the content of ONE, or if you are an angel donor looking to support a project that serves the awakening of all beings, please consider making a donation to ONE!  Donations of $150 or greater will be receive a lifetime subscription, as well as an electronic version of the  book The Journey Home, Vol 2, to be published in December, 2013.

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If you are in need of a sensitive, experienced book editor, please see my list of edited works and projects at  I am happy to discuss your publication needs!

* clear light : the most subtle level of mind that realizes ultimate non-dual reality directly.

From Jerry Katz, creator of and Nonduality Network Talk Radio:

"I hope everyone in Nonduality Land is aware of One The Magazine.  As a new subscriber I see that you've created a beautiful container for the diversity of nondual teachings, a crystal vase holding many wildly different flowers, each sipping the same water (Jan Barendrecht's metaphor).  You're clearly upholding the mission to, 'Celebrate our true nature as one.'  A section on News is particularly uncommon and important toward disseminating these teachings. There's no single 'center' in the world of nonduality, nor should there be, but it looks like your publication will come close to being it!"  — Jerry Katz