Silence Heals

On a summer's day in 2003, Yolande Duran-Serrano was going about her normal daily activities in her apartment, thinking the usual mundane thoughts, when suddenly she was struck by a silence in her mind.  "How is it that I've never noticed this before?" she wondered.  In the blink of an eye her thoughts moved to the background of awareness, while the ineffable silence moved to the foreground.  There, it quickly began to establish itself as the ground of peace that would soon take over her life.


*Extracted with permission from the book, Silence Heals, published in 2012 by Non-Duality Press.




In my end is my beginning: I have come home again.  Without bearings, I will move forward, carried by this lightness, guided by this silence—this silence that manifests through its presence, through its absence.  — Yolande



From the Prologue, by Laurence Vidal:

On a summer’s day, Yolande disappeared, swallowed up by . . . something.  Seen from the outside, nothing had changed. A young woman was still there, still busy in her apartment.  Her body, gestures, perceptions, thoughts were all intact.  But her identity, her identification with this body, these perceptions, these thoughts, had dissolved into silence.  A tremendous silence, full of life, had taken over.

Weeks went by, and then months.  Even traumatic life events such as the death of her son could not pull her back from this silence.  The feeling of personal identity never returned.  In its place was this growing realization that there was nothing separating Yolande from the world as it appeared from one moment to the next.  Yolande had dissolved.  All that remained was the present moment, a whole world that ceaselessly emerged, from moment to moment, from pure reality, this “ineffable,” which she simply called this thing so as not to misrepresent it.  All of this brought her to admit, after months of observing this metamorphosis: “I am more alive than I ever have been—and dead at the same time.”

Yolande wiped out!  Seized, erased, absent, and yet so present.  Absolutely, intensely present to everything and everyone that appeared.

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