Featured Artist — Kirtana

Kirtana_FieldWhen I was eleven years old, the channel of music and songwriting opened to me as a means of catharsis and self-reflection.  Creative expression quickly became a kind of coping mechanism for me whenever I felt like a stranger in a strange land.

Even my earliest songs reflected themes of personal transformation, a growing self-awareness, and an underlying longing to return to a long-remembered state of Oneness.  But after meeting Gangaji in 1997, my songs became less about seeking and more about finding.  Less about personal healing, more about the necessity for awakening to our true nature.  They are all, in some way, my attempt to explore the truth of who we are as consciousness, as Love.

I love words–their shape and feel, their power to turn the mind and heart.  I also love the stealth aspect of music, of tone, how it can bypass the conscious mind and reverberate within the cells of the body and the light field of the heart.

And in a strange way, I enjoy the challenges imposed by the medium of song–the limitations of time, meter, and meaning.  Although it isn’t conscious as I sit to write, essentially my mandate is: express the inexpressible in say, less than five minutes.  And not only that – make it rhyme!

But again, that all makes the process of writing sound way more conscious than it is.  For me it is more like a kind of unplanned pregnancy.  I feel the pressure build inside my creative womb until a song simply must burst into being.  My only job is to get out of the way.

© Kirtana, 2015

Please enjoy this soundtrack from Kirtana, "Pulling in the Oars," as well the music video below, on stage with Eckhart Tolle:

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