Reflections on My Craft and Shifting States of Consciousness

Beloved singer/songwriter Kirtana has been referred to by many as “the Rumi of our times.” In this article she shares her approach to non-dual realization and her craft as a musician from her own feminine perspective. Additionally, ONE is honored to include Kirtana as our Featured Artist in this special edition.


Kirtana_BeachI created time and space,
to hold a mirror to my face…
That’s how worlds are born,
how from naught,
a thought becomes a form.
I had to pretend that Oneness could shatter
then down into matter I came.
And ten thousand forms burst into being–
no two exactly the same…
But as far as I could see,
nothing but images of me.


A few years ago, during a non-duality conference in Southern California, I had the opportunity to attend the talks of a few fellow presenters.  In each case, I was struck by the purity and precision of their language, so much so that in comparison I began to view my own attempts as, well, incredibly messy and imprecise.  Some of the messiness I felt regarding my own creative expression could perhaps be attributed merely to the differences in our descriptive styles–for example, the difference between a poet and a technician, or the difference between a feminine perspective and a masculine one.  Some of our differences may have come from the shifting, rather than static, nature of my own experience.  Still others may have come from my own unwillingness to draw absolute conclusions.

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