Spiritual Maturity and the World We Create

Based in Sydney, Australia, Isira Sananda is a quickly emerging force for collective awakening. Her clarity of expression and her passion powerfully bring home the point that "unless we awaken to the love we really are, how shall we embrace and respond effectively to our planetary situation rather than to recoil in the face of such adversity?"  In this article she invites us all to step fully into the embodiment of peace on earth.


If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.

— Mother Theresa

isira_aboutWhere we live is more than a body, a house, or a planet.  Where we live is a place of spirit, of love, of sharing and wonder … a unified field of life.  Yet today we experience a world filled with fear and uncertainty, as we, our communities, and our environment face unprecedented change.

We are at a juncture in our evolution where awakening has become more than simply a nice idea or a spiritual option.  It has become utterly essential to reverse the destruction we are causing – not only in our own lives, but also upon nature.  It is essential now for us to dig down into the real process of spiritually maturing.

Awakening and spiritual opening are not ascension into some imagined realm, nor withdrawal into a safe cave.  Awakening is not a pulling away, but a deep engagement with every experience of life, with the wisdom of an embracing heart that holds no boundaries.

At this time, the relevance of awakening cannot be over-emphasisedWe are entering a transition of inevitable breakdown and major change in the world today: a time of unravelling, collapse, and ultimately, re-organisation and transformation.  If we don’t wake up to our relationship with ourselves, with life, we won’t be able to work together to find the real solutions.

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