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Wonder: When and Why the World Appears Radiant

— by Paul R, Fleischman

WonderWhat do a marigold, starlight over South Africa, and the birth of a child have in common? Every person, plant, and star springs up from information compounded by interaction. We are embedded in an ancient, intricate world. Changing combinations of atoms pass through the long filter of history and natural law, to form planet Earth, whales, and our own thoughts. Based on the growth of evidence explaining how the world is put together, we have become the first generation to have a narrative that unites electron motion to our breath, and that connects hydrogen fusion in the sun to the energy that powers our minds. We can describe how the proteins in our mitochondria pinch and place into perfect position metal ions that were forged in exploding stars. We cohere for a moment, suspended between information, order, and transformation of all things. This book is a scientific and literary exploration of those discoveries that reveal our deepest identity. Through our urge to understand and communicate, we have uncovered new meanings that infuse our days with wonder.



Awakening from the American Dream: From Crisis to Consciousness

— by Master Charles Cannon with Will Wilkinson


Awakening From The American Dream… From Crisis To Consciousness… is an expose’ of the American Dream as illusory enculturation.  It is a call to awakening to true reality in which happiness is not something to be pursued, but rather innately experienced as one’s birthright.  The book invites readers to wake up from the American Dream, rather than trying to make it work or creating a new dream. A dream is a dream… it can never be reality.




The Natural Bliss of Being

— by Jackson Peterson

Natural_Bliss_PbkThe author designed his book to be a transformative journey that conclusively reveals one's own "enlightened self-nature" directly, leaving no room for doubt or uncertainty.  For those who are serious about self-realization, this book offers explanations, insights and practical methods that can easily be applied without prior knowledge or experience with meditation or Eastern practices.  The key teachings originate in the Tibetan wisdom tradition known as the "The Great Perfection," but are inclusive of other traditions such as Zen, that offer insights and methods into discovering our True Nature immediately and directly, not after months or years of study, meditation and practice.  The author also studied deeply the teachings of the Sufis in Kashmir, India which revealed the wisdom of the Heart and Love, both necessary qualities in realizing one's true nature.



Seeing, Knowing, Being: A Guide to Sacred Awakening

— by John Greer

Seeing_Knowing_BeingFrom ancient Taoist sages and Sufi mystics to Christian contemplatives and contemporary Zen masters, Seeing, Knowing, Being explores the profound truth behind all the world’s mystic traditions: Living a spiritual life has nothing to do with fixing ourselves. It is simply a matter of awakening to what we already are. The real work of self-discovery-and the answer to our suffering, emptiness, and loss of meaning-is learning to see in a different way. “The mystical adventure is all in the seeing," says John Greer. “From departure to arrival, nothing changes but our eyes."

But the process isn’t that simple. In this all-embracing work that is destined to become a classic, Greer artfully traces the steps and stages of the delicate process of awakening. He shows how we can move from society’s hand-me-down version of reality to the wonder of our true nature-from conceptual, habitual patterns of thinking to knowing the truth by being.




Dream Time

— Deuter
Dream_TimeDeuter has produced multiple CDs of relaxing and transcendent music over the years, with Dream Time, his most recent, equally exquisite as all the rest.  Perfect for the healing arts and meditation practice, compositions on this album feature keyboards, flutes, banjo, arms, piano, harp, and tambura.  You can
hear his absolute mastery as a musician.

Travel Well

— David Newman (Durga Das)
Travel_WellFor his ninth release, chant artist and singer/songwriter David Newman assembled a group of extraordinary musicians from around the globe, with the aim of expanding the stylistic and sonic dimensions of devotional chant music.  A fusion of expressive sacred songs and electrifying kirtan jams, ushering the healing essence of traditional mantras into the realm of folk, blues, rock, reggae, Afro-Caribbean, and ambient settings.






Beyond Reason

full length documentary, 92 min, by film maker Frank Huguenard

Synopsis: Our intellects are bound by our perceptions, and what we perceive is limited by our five senses. From what we've learned though modern physics, what we get through our five senses is more unreal than it is real. In order to reach the truth, we need to go "Beyond Reason."

Below is the full-length documentary. See the first two of this trilogy of films ("Beyond Me" & "Beyond Belief") at You can purchase the DVD or donate to the story/cause here.


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