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The Global Citizen

— Isha Judd

The_Global_Citizen"The idea of global citizenship is not a new one: it has been around for centuries and is actually much more natural than the artificial lines we draw across our continents.  We live in a world apparently made up of different nations, with cultural, linguistic, racial, economic, and ideological divides, yet there is a deeper level of being that transcends these perceived differences and sees the common core: our humanity.  What are the values that all humans share, that unite us beyond our surface distinctions?  To be a global citizen is to celebrate these values above all others, to cultivate them within ourselves and inspire them in our peers.  To be a global citizen is to put our brotherhood first, and our nationality, religion, and personality second.  These attributes need not disappear completely, but when they become secondary, the need to defend and protect our differences, to prove our own superiority over others, or to shut out the world for fear of losing what we have begins to disappear."


Yoga in the Kashmir Tradition: the art of listening

— Billy Doyle

Yoga_in_KashmirJean Klein was a master of Advaita (non-dualism) and yoga.  He taught yoga in the Kashmir Tradition, an approach based on awareness through body sensation, which is here presented by Billy Doyle, a long term student of Jean Klein.  This teaching was grounded in the non-dualistic perspective.  Yoga in the Kashmir Tradition: The Art of Listening therefore covers all facets of Jean Klein's teaching.

Billy Doyle lives in London and teaches yoga in the Kashmir Tradition.  His previous book, The Mirage of Separation is a collection of poems on non-dualism.


The Only True Life: Living from the Natural State

— Rodney Stevens

Only_True_LifeAbout the Book: In South Carolina lives a remarkable man who works as a night security guard, and I wonder if his employers know he is a brahman.  Rodney Stevens is living proof that no matter where or into what circumstances we are born, if we truly want to reach God-Consciousness, absorption in the effulgence, then the way Home awaits.

The Only True Life is Rodney Stevens' latest gathering of essays, conversations, and pointers that directs you to your own natural state-which is tranquil, unwavering awareness.  In this bold new work on nonduality, Stevens covers everything from the nature of consciousness and the simplicity of self-realization to why meditating for enlightenment does not work.  If you want a true end to suffering, read this book.


Rising in Love: My Wild and Crazy Ride to Here and Now, With Amma, the Hugging Saint

— Ram Das Batchelder

Rising in LoveRising_in_Love tells the story of the author's extraordinary spiritual awakening in America (which included meeting an angel), his discovery of Amma (the living Guru known in the West as “the Hugging Saint”), and the 27 amazing years he has spent in quest of Enlightenment as Amma’s devotee, most of that time in India.

The book is a multi-faceted diamond. It is a suspenseful psychological thriller, a page-turner from the outset—yet there also much humor in the narrative, and at times reads like a comedic novel.  From another angle, it is a story of profound healing from delusion, drug addiction and despair into a joyous and beautifully fulfilled life, and as such it is a ray of hope for all who suffer from addiction or mental illness of one kind or another.


Living Realization: A Simple, Plain-English Guide to Non-Duality

— Scott Kiloby

Living_Realization_PbkLIVING REALIZATION is a contemporary approach or method created by noted author/speaker Scott Kiloby for realizing freedom, otherwise known as "non-duality."  More specially, it's the realization that you are already free at the core of your experience, and that all separation, both in space and time, is a belief system.  Living Realization is known for its simplicity.  The basic invitation: recognize awareness, let all appearances be as they are, and see that all appearances are inseparable.  These simple points are really all you need to recognize freedom in the midst of your everyday life.


Death, the Last God: A Modern Book of the Dead

— Ann Geraghty

Death_Last_God_PbkAnne Geraghty was a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist when her son, Tim Guest, author of My Life in Orange died suddenly.  Her old life ended.  She went on a search for her lost son.  Where was he?  What was he?  Did he live on in some other realm?  Or had he fallen into the darkness of oblivion?  Her search for Tim became an exploration into the nature of death itself.  We die as we have lived.  Our lives are not like those of a C12th Tibetan, a C15th Cardinal or a Zen monk; we cannot, therefore, simply turn to old maps and myths of what happens when we die.  We need a new narrative of death that embraces our modern understandings of our humanity and the workings of the universe.  This book is the story of a grieving mother looking for her dead son, an investigation into death in our modern world, and an exploration of our struggles to live well in the ever-present shadow of death.  It is not a book with answers; it is an invitation to look at death differently.  This book offers fresh and original ideas about death and dying.  And it will radically change your understanding of what death is.





 Light of the Naam

— Snatum Kaur

Snatum_KaurOn her Sadhana album Light of the Naam, premier sacred chant artist Snatam Kaur takes you inside the intimate experience of her daily morning yoga practice and chants.  These are the mantras she sings every morning as a part of her daily Kundalini Yoga practice known as the "Aquarian Sadhana."

Snatam Kaur carries you through this beautiful album of mantras with the power and sweetness that has made her a presence in peoples' lives around the globe.  Accompanied by keyboard, flutes, violin, guitars and tabla, Light of the Naam is a masterpiece of authentic beauty.


Less Havoc, More Bright Lights

— Alanis Morissette

Alanis_HavocIn life and in art, indie rocker Alanis Morissette is devoted to the realization of non-dual awareness. While maintaining her customary gritty rock beat, "The Edge of Evolution," as performed on her latest CD Less Havoc, More Bright Lights, is a good example. As Alanis elaborates: "The evolution of our consciousness can be such a lofty, overly heady, and, frankly, confusing conversation for people. So the song is an invitation to clarify and support what growth, healing, connection and self-expression really means for each person. ultimately, supporting people's next courageous step is all I really care about. I think that's what my contribution is — to engage musically, lyrically, and publicly in the conversation about my and our humanity....this movement toward wholeness, rather than perfection or goodness, and deepening intimacy, connection, and authenticity is such a big part of what I'm here to contribute."

And check out her recent interview of internationally beloved non-dual teacher Gangaji, for free at Gangai Radio.






The Wisdom Tree — A Film on Non-Duality

—full-length feature film

About the film: The Wisdom Tree is an intriguing and inspiring lyrical poem expressed in a film medium and executed with breath-taking finesse.  It depicts the mind-blowing modern day advances in Science, Art and Philosophy, that are not only erasing the rigid walls of separation amongst them as distinct fields but also pointing out to a compelling convergence of these diverse strands with the ancient Indian and Eastern mystic thought processes which highlight the Oneness of All things.

The young Director, Sunil Shah, succeeds in projecting the Non-dual message in a very convincing and captivating manner through a story woven around the lives of three ordinary people – a scientist, a medico, and an FBI agent – and the travails they had to face in a world of jealousy, competition and criminality, a mindless rat-race that is at once gripping and also exasperating.

With its premier at the 2013 SANDS conference, this suggested film is still being shown at theaters worldwide.

The Wisdom Tree Official Trailer



Background image by Dan Dhruva Baumbach