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"Healing the Primal Wound"


2014-withG-One--3-1This free audio excerpt is from the 2014 monthly With Gangaji webcast series.  Each month Gangaji leads a global community via webcast and teleconference in a conversation that opens deep inquiry into what keeps us from the full and lasting recognition of who we truly are. In this recording, Gangaji speaks about the primal wound that we as human beings share.

When conditioned consciousness is on its way to awakening, there often arises a sense that there is something deeply, primally wrong with oneself or with life, that something is inherently lacking, the most evident of which is usually a lack of inner peace and self-fulfillment. This recognition is actually the first step to discovering oneself as the ground of peace that is eternally overflowing, unutterably fulfilled, and present in this moment. In this clip Gangaji points us directly to that discovery.

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